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Citric Acid, Monohydrate

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  • Acidulant in beverage, confectionery, effervescent salts, in pharmaceutical syrups, elixirs, In effervescent powders and tablets, to adjust the PH of food and as synergistic antioxidant.
  • In the manuf. of alkaline resins; in esterified form as plasticizer, foam inhibitor.
  • In the manuf. of citric acid salts.
  • As sequestering agent to remove trace metals.
  • As mordant to brighten colors; in electroplating, in special inks


  • manuf. in the clean room by validated GMP facilities
  • Statistical Quality Control(SQC) & Statistical Process Control(SPC)
  • Lot by lot Quality control system is based on the ISO standard 9001/2000